Dyconn Frequently Asked Questions

Dubbler Dock

Why doesn’t my Dubbler Dock duplicate?

Remember the Dubbler Dock is a standalone unit and must not be connected to a computer via USB 3.0/2.0 cable.

Why is/are my hard drives (HDDs) not working with the Dubbler Dock?

Make sure the capacity of the target drive is equal or of greater (larger) capacity that the host.

Is your hard drive defective and is it the cause of your technical issue(s)?

Make sure your working hard drive (HDD/SSD) is operational and exhibits no signs of integrity vulnerability.

Why is taking so long to transfer data with my Dubbler Dock?

Please note it takes approximately 2-3hours to transfer 1TB. Therefore, it may take less or more time to transfer, depending on the amount of data with which you are working.


Why doesn’t my hard drive (HDD/SSD) show up on my computer?

-You must format the hard drive before initial use.

-If using a new hard rive, you must initialize the drive. For PC, right-click and select Initialize.

-If the hard drive was used previously in another RAID enclosure, you must format the hard drive.

*Please note formatting a hard drive erases all data on the drive. Back-up all data if necessary.

Quartz 2

Why doesn’t my Quartz 2 have intelligent fan control?

Please note the Quartz 2 no longer possesses that functionality.

X4 Power Case

Why don’t I see a battery power increase on my Galaxy S4 LCD?

Please understand the increase of battery life can only be evaluated by usage/standby time./=